Step 1: Define Your Goals & Objectives
Together, we will work to determine your customized portfolio taking into consideration the following:
Investment goals
Risk tolerance
Time horizon
Performance expectations
Income needs
Liquidity requirements
Tax considerations
Current investments
Special circumstances

Step 2: Determine Your Investment Strategy
Accessing the expertise of world-class research strategists and cutting edge technology we will identify the most appropriate investment options, applying the concepts of:
Asset allocation
Risk/reward characteristics of asset classes
Correlation between asset classes
Economic global forecasting

Step 3: Build Your Portfolio
Next, we will begin building a portfolio of investment vehicles designed to meet your specific needs. Security selection includes:
Institutional money mangers
Access to over 5,000 well-known no-load, load-waived and institutional mutual funds
Individual stocks and bonds
Private REITs
Managed futures
Hedge funds
Oil and gas partnerships

Step 4: Manage & Monitor Your Portfolio
Once your investments are in place, the process of monitoring and managing your portfolio begins. This includes:
Regular discussions and meetings
Active ongoing portfolio reviews
Periodic re-examination of your investment strategy
Re balancing decisions
Comprehensive quarterly performance reports
Surveillance of fund managers

Our Process

At Chamberlin Asset Management we leverage an extensive consultative process that focuses on understanding and meeting your needs.  This goal-oriented process follows a comprehensive, four step approach.

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