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Our Company

Our Philosophy
At Chamberlin Asset Management we want you to "realize your full potential".  We feel very strongly that it is important for everyone to share the same incentive.  Through a fee-based arrangement, not commissions, your goal is our goal.  Protect and make your investments grow!  In doing so, everyone is a winner.  Furthermore, with a disciplined, diversified and strategic approach to your investments we are confident that achieving your goals is simply a matter of time and patience. We always work closely with you in order to establish and define your individual goals and needs.  We also encourage regular meetings to discuss your portfolio and any life events that may warrant portfolio changes.  We also have a timeless principal and approach to everything we do with the simply philosophy - "Treat others as you would like to be treated".  We manage each portfolio with the care and prudence we would use in managing our own investments. 

Emphasis on Low Cost
We strive to provide fair and low investment management fees, to minimize overall transaction costs and expenses.  Furthermore, we pride ourselves on the ability to deliver a competitively priced management option for your investment needs.

Focus on After-Tax Return
An integral part of our portfolio management philosophy is focusing on your after-tax returns.  In addition to keeping expenses as low as possible, we seek out investments to obtain the highest after tax returns.  We focus on low portfolio turnover, minimal capital gains realization, and the use of individual stocks, bonds and ETFs.  In special situations, your tax professional and estate attorney may be consulted to assist in managing specific tax issues. 

We firmly believe that broadly diversified portfolios and forward looking asset allocations with your defined risk parameters in mind are an ideal opportunity to ensure that your financial goals stay on track and participate in numerous sectors of a now global market place. 

Accurate and Timely Reporting
In addition to managing your investment assets, we will provide you with monthly statements, comprehensive quarterly reports that include performance comparisons, asset weightings, realized and unrealized gains and losses, current and expected cash flows, and year end 1099 statements.

Client Communications
We strongly encourage regular discussions and meetings to ensure that the lines of communication are always open and to enhance the benefits of a close long-term relationship.